All Things UX Writing & Content design in 2024 🍾

Issue #259 (Jan 1st, 2024)

All Things UX Writing & Content Design in 2024 🍾

Let’s get 2024 off and rolling on the right foot 🦶. 

With the rise of generative AI tools, the landscape of our profession is changing, and those who stay ahead of the curve will thrive this year.

At the UX Writing Hub, we are preparing for one of our biggest updates to date. We will announce it tomorrow at our 'UX Writing Hub's Program Showcase' event.

Let’s take a closer look at some of the hottest trends in 2024!


  • Find out what will be trending in UX during 2024 👀

  • An exclusive interview with Jakob Nielsen 🎤

  • A Prime ( 😉 ) example of personalization 🧑‍🤝‍🧑

  • Get your FREE ticket to join a special talk with Jon Yablonski 🎟️

  • A personalized content skills survey to find out what you should learn this year 📃

  • A breakdown of hot UX conferences for 2024 🔥

The Hot Take 🔥

2024 will be an exciting year in the world of UX writing. Check out these articles for a bird's eye view of some of the trends we can expect to see.

Learn by Listening 🎧

We all know AI is going to be the driving force of change in the field of UX writing this year. If you missed the latest episode of the Writers in Tech podcast, now’s your chance to get caught up.

Listen in to find out how the one and only Jakob Nielsen foresees the future for us human writers and our new robot pals. 

Microcopy Bite 💬

Personalization will be the name of the game as AI continues to influence the way we design digital experiences. 

Amazon does a great job of capitalizing on user data and the design trend of cards to give customers a customized and easily scannable shopping experience.

Moment of Mirth 😂 

🤖 AI & UX

This year AI will transform the way that UX professionals do their jobs. Everyone from the developers to the designers and the writers will be impacted. Keep following UX Writing Weekly and our free Future Proof events at the UX Writing Hub to stay abreast of the latest.

Looking to up your AI skills in 2024? Check out the UX Writing Hub’s newest learning opportunity, The AI Design Academy or, if you’re just looking to get your feet wet, check out our FREE AI for UX course.

Upcoming Events 🎟️

We are hard at work, packing the new year with awesome learning opportunities for our community! Check out our lineup of FREE events.

On January 25th, Yuval will be sitting down to talk about all things UX writing and psychology with Jon Yablonski (the author of Laws of UX). This promises to be the perfect way to kick off 2024, and as part of our mission to make great UX writing available to everyone, we are bringing this event to you FREE of charge.

See more of our upcoming Futureproof UX Content events here

UX Writing Jobs 👩‍💻

Whether you’re looking for an entry-level or senior role, we’ve got them all. We’re constantly updating the job board, so keep on checking!

Featured Portfolio 📒

Looking to refresh your portfolio for 2024? Lavanyasree’s portfolio is one of many great examples you can look to for inspiration. Check back weekly to see other great ways to approach a portfolio.

Yuval’s Lit Pick 📔

Since much of this issue is about looking ahead to the coming year, I wanted to highlight a book I’m personally excited about that’s scheduled to come out in 2024. 

The Product of You, by Sarah Doody, promises to be a fantastic resource for UX professionals who are looking to build stellar case studies and portfolios that help them land jobs.

Wanna get in on the action? Join the waitlist to preorder the book!

2024: Conferences and Learning Opportunities 🎓

February: Convey UX

March: UX Copenhagen

August: UX Nordic

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Yuval Keshtcher and UXWH team