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New Writers in Tech's new podcast episode and a fresh new look

Yael Ilani, a Senior Content Designer from Berlin, had spent her last day of homeland vocation sharing some of her knowledge and experience with us:

  • Why does it require more work and creativity to use fewer words as a ux writer?

  • What does the future hold for content and ux writers? are they all gonna be replaced by machines and AI?

  • How did ux writing affect her understanding of the product's design process?

UX Writers vs. UX Designers

Have you ever told someone that you're a UX writer, and they responded with, "Oh, so you do UX/UI?"

And you were like, "Well... just forget about it."

Worry no more!
From now on, you can just copy and paste this blog post and share it with them.


Does your company:

  • Want to get going with UX writing and content design

  • Have more work than your UX writing team can handle (backlog, anyone?)

  • Need a hand in researching, revising,  and testing copy

  • Want to create or revise a content style guide

Then do what companies like Kahoot!, Fiverr, and many more haveβ€” join our UX Writing Accelerator program and work with talented and dedicated students.


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