✍️ A UX Writing Treat in Our 250th Halloween Edition 👻

Issue #250 (Oct 25th , 2023)

By the witch's spell, 250 issues have done so well! 🧙🎉🎉 

As Halloween approaches, what's spookier than bad UX writing? Dive into this special edition, spotlighting common UX writing pitfalls and tips to sidestep them.

Grab your pumpkin latte and let's GO!


  • Treats and tricks for avoiding bad UX 💻

  • Find out how to avoid spooky toxic clients 😧

  • Learn how to know when the copy is good enough 👍

  • AI is being used to bring the people you love back from the dead💀 🤖

When it comes to UX writing, there really is no one way to get it “right”, but boy are there ever some ways to get it wrong. 🎃

Check out these articles for some tips and tricks for avoiding common pitfalls that all UX writers can be susceptible to.🤓

This is a great overview of the types of issues our counterparts in the world of UX design are facing. While it may not be necessary for every UX writer to know all of this, it’s a great way to build your knowledge and prepare yourself to make even bigger contributions to your team.

This has to be one of the most infamous UX writing failures of all time. There’s so much to be learned from the  Hawaiian Missile Alert.

Check out these UX writing bloopers for a couple of laughs and some ideas of some things to avoid.

This may not be about scary bad copy, but it can be a scary experience for a UX writer. Enjoy this read about avoiding toxic clients and employers.

Learn by Listening 🎧

One thing a UX writer should never be afraid of is research! Research well done is the key to creating copy that truly resonates with your users.

Listen in on this insightful conversation with Dr. Natalya Sarana to get some top tips for conducting user research.

Pillars of the Community 💪

Is this copy actually scary bad? Maybe, maybe not, but it’s certainly a swing and a miss. Loved the feedback and advice from our amazing community members.

Microcopy Bite 💬

This one is a spooky classic microcopy bite.

The Sign Up Form at Mailchimp. The error message says "Another user with this username already exists. Maybe it's your evil twin. Spooky."

8 years later, still works for me.

A Giggly getaway 😂 

It doesn't matter what costume or title you choose today, we all know you are actually the Galactic Viceroy of Content Excellence.

🤖 AI & UX

AI is here to change the world of UX Writing. Read on to find out how you can use this technology to help you create consistent copy and avoid mistakes 🩹

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Looking to avoid making dreaded UX  writing mistakes? This book by Steve Krug is a must. The book has tons of excellent examples and tips for writers who are looking to avoid the dreaded #fail and create accessible user friendly copy.    


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