✍️ Writing for Every Part of the Product

Issue #258 (Dec 20th, 2023)

Writing for Every Part of the Product 💻

From onboarding wizards to error messages, each touchpoint is an opportunity to guide, reassure, and connect with users. Comprehensive UX writing ensures a cohesive narrative, fostering user understanding and engagement at every interaction.


  • Articles with top tips for commonly overlooked areas of the product 👀

  • Tips for leveraging AI to write copy for EVERY part of the product 🤖

  • A reminder that we need to keep guidelines in mind 📏

  • A hot🔥portfolio you can use as a shining example

  • Get your free seat for our inclusive writing event with Jody Allard 🎤

  • A book recommendation to help you get onboarding done right 📖

The Hot Take 🔥

Microcopy, error messages, onboarding, empty states, notifications, the app store, and more. Every place our users are, there the UX writer should be! 

For each element, there are, of course, best practices. Check out these articles to familiarize yourself with the ins and outs of the unsung heroes of the user experience and become a force in this field.

Learn by Listening 🎧

Writing SaaS emails is an art form unto itself. Check out this great episode of Writers in Tech, where Jane Portman lays out exactly how to write impactful emails for your business and your customers.

Pillars of the Community 💪

I Love Jorn’s contributions here! There are so many nuances to consider. Everything from legal compliance to the voices in our heads.

Microcopy Bite 💬

The cookie modal is one of the often overlooked areas in so many products. Sure, you can get away with generic copy, but seizing every opportunity to connect with your users and help them to know your brand better will earn their trust and loyalty.

Moment of Mirth 😂 

A big part of knowing what’s going on in all parts of the product is getting the invite to the meetings. So, UX writers…may the odds be ever in your favor 😉.

🤖 AI & UX

AI promises to help us apply voice, tone, and brand guidelines to copy for all aspects of our products. 

I wonder if this will make it easier for smaller and more stretched teams to ensure that their customers are greeted with on-brand copy no matter where they are in the experience 🤞.

Upcoming Events 🎟️

In just 1 day, Yuval will be sitting down to talk about all things inclusion with the one and only Jody Allard.

Reserve your seat for this very special and FREE event.

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UX Writing Jobs 👩‍💻

Whether you’re looking for an entry-level or senior role, we’ve got them all. We’re constantly updating the job board, so keep on checking!

Featured Portfolio 📒

This amazing UX Writing Academy alumni is now out there kicking butt and taking names, currently working as a content designer at eBay. Check out Spencer’s portfolio now. 

Yuval’s Lit Pick 📔

Onboarding is such a critical part of the user experience and product success. Check out this read by Krystal Higgins for a closer look at how to get this right.

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