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Issue #267 (Feb 29th, 2024)

The Words of eCommerce: Writing for Happy Shoppers

People spend hundreds of hours a year browsing and making purchases online.

For UX writers, this means endless opportunities to craft compelling copy for the many online shopping destinations.

Let's dive in and unravel the mysteries behind user interactions and conversions in the ever-evolving world of digital commerce.

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Articles 🛒

From the landing page to the checkout, meeting your customers with the right copy is key to success for every e-commerce business. We’ve rounded up some articles with amazing insights:

Let’s Take a Poll 

One of the fun tasks of a UX writer is helping a product or brand to find its “voice.” 

The goal, of course, is for the copy to consistently reflect that voice, making it recognizable to the customer. 

So, let’s see how they did. Take a look at these 3 samples, and then tell us which brand you believe it to be.

Which brand voice is this?

Take a look at these snips of copy ☝️ from the website of a major retail brand. Then cast your vote. Are you able to determine which company is responsible for the copy?

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Learn by Listening 👂

In this episode of Writers in Tech, Yuval and Hailey Reynolds from Ibotta, sit down and discuss how she has expertly applied the content-first approach in her work at the popular cash-back shopping app. 

Featured Case Study 🎓

Case studies can be incredibly valuable, not only for us to do but also to review other people's. A well-done case study can yield excellent insight into how other people in the field would approach some of the same problems differently.

To take your work to the next level, don't just look at other UX writing case studies but also design-focused examples. In doing so, we can better understand the reasoning for certain design decisions.

Microcopy 🤏

If you’ve never visited the Figma store, you’re missing out!  

We decided to highlight this microcopy because we’re not only super excited about the new keyboard but also because they expertly wrote this copy.

The button copy is specific and crystal clear, AND the microcopy tells the user that this action will take them to another page.

And as a bonus, they managed to mix in a bit of wit and nerd humor as well.

Community Spotlight 🔦

Jared is, without a doubt, a pillar, a hero, and a unicorn of the UX writing community. Thanks for sharing Hila! 👏

He has contributed so many inspiring and important ideas it would be hard to pick just one. 

As his work relates to e-commerce, there is, of course, the famed story of his three hundred million dollar button (a must-read if you haven’t). 

More recently, he wrote this great article discussing metrics. It’s easy to assume that you are looking at the right metrics, but without verifying that, a lot of time and effort can be wasted.

Thank you, Jared!

Check out the articles here:

Where AI and UX Intersect 🤖

Generative AI is touching every aspect of our lives. This advancement will mean fewer returns and happier shoppers for customers and retailers alike.

Check out these articles to understand how this technology makes online shopping more satisfying and lucrative.

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Book Recs 📚

Everybody Writes by Ann Handley is a must-read for all UX writers. The book has tons of valuable examples of good storytelling, how to create a unique brand voice, and using words to drive deeper customer relationships.

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