UX Writing and Content Design for Apple Vision Pro

Issue #264 (Feb 7th, 2024)

UX Writing and Content Design for Apple Vision Pro and more 🕶️

Digital experinces are changing.




Let’s dive in and suss out how we (UX writers, AKA Content Designers) can prepare ourselves for what’s to come for spatial computing and Apple Vision Pro.

  • A chance to sign up for our AI and Content Design event (Feb 8th - tomorrow!) 🎤

  • A collection of great reads about the UX of AR, VR, and XR 📰

  • An up-close look at the new Apple Vision Pro 🕶️

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  • A look at the intersections of AI and XR 🤖

Articles 📰

Here are a few top-notch reads to help you get the words and experiences in these new worlds right.

Learn by Watching 👀

It’s old, but it’s gold. If it has crossed your mind that we UX professionals might need to learn more about AR…this one’s for you.

Microcopy 🤏

In light of the announcement that Apple was dropping 600 new apps for the Vision Pro, we took a little trip to the App Store this week 🍎.

Interestingly, we bumped into two very different examples of  UX writing.

One that was the typical Apple we all know. Smooth, simple, and right to the point. The other a less-than-characteristic wall of text.

Kicks & Giggles 🍿

Where AI and XR Intersect 🤖

The more we can learn about AI and all things XR, the better our writing for those experiences can be. We’ve rounded up some of the best articles out there to start you on your way.

Check these out 👇.

Apple Vision Pro - The Scoop 🍧

This week, the big news is the release of Apple’s Vision Pro. Check out this walkthrough to see the UX for yourself. Then check out this more humorous review.

Thinking of making a purchase? 💲 Read on! 👇

Events 🎟️

AI in UX Content Design event February 8th (yes…tomorrow!) Get your seat.

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Book Recs 📚

As we keep changing what “reality” looks like and finding new ways to engage with our world, this book has come to mind a few times. Perhaps a revised edition will come out someday.

In the meantime, this is an amazing read. If you’re looking to add elements of gamification to a digital experience, VR, AR, or not, I highly recommend you take a minute and explore Jane McGonigal’s work.

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