✍️ Trends in the World of UX Writing

Issue #251 (Nov 1st , 2023)

Trends in the World of UX Writing

Success in UX Writing is knowing which trends to keep an eye on. This issue of UX Writing Weekly is all about exploring what’s been trending in 2023.  Let’s dive in 🏊.


  • Tips for UX writing to fit into AR and the Metaverse 🤖

  • Can learning coding lingo lead to opportunities? 🧑‍💻

  • Do you know how to scrollytell? 🖱️

  • How UX writers can prepare for advances in AI ✨

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Hot Tips and Trends of UX Writing in 2023

Looking ahead to what skills and buzzwords you’ll need to bring with you into 2024? We’ve got ya covered. Check out these articles for an in-depth understanding of everything from writing for AR to scrolly-telling, the consequences of mobile-first design, and even copy in the metaverse.

Learn by Listening 🎧

Curious about the role of UX writing in AI? Listen in on this conversation between Yuval Keshtcher and UX leader Nick Babich to find out more!

Pillars of the Community 💪

This reference is a bit of a throwback. Perhaps renaming our social media isn’t just a 2023 trend 🤔. Twitter is now X, who knows what we will call Facebook in the future, but if they ask for suggestions I hope some of these folks offer their ideas 🤣.

Microcopy Bite 💬

Ahh…Discord. This empty state is so on-brand. 

The copy tells me what I need to do and gets me where I need to go with a chuckle too.

Moment of Mirth 😂 

🤖 AI & UX

AI means that UX writers will need to learn new skills to succeed in all spaces where word and advancing technology continue to meet users.

Events 🎟️

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Join us on November 16th for a FREE UX Writing event with Andrew Astleford. Learn about breaking into the field of content design and how to manage a successful career transition.


Whether you’re looking for an entry-level position or a senior role we’ve got them all. We’re constantly updating the job board, so keep on checking!

Portfolio 📔

The UX Writing Hub loves to brag about our graduates. Take a look at this portfolio and get to know our friend Shirly (without an e) 😉.

Yuval’s UX Lit Pick 📖

The addition of AI into the world of UX has huge implications for all of us. Understanding how the user experience will be impacted by AI will help us writers to meet the users right when they need us the most. Check out this great read for more!


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Yuval Keshtcher and UXWH team ✍️