Summer Travel Edition

Issue #41 (August 15th, 2023)

Many of us are now well into the summer season, reading on the beach, visiting amusement parks, enjoying ice cream, and of course, TRAVELING.

I just got back from Singapore, doing a UX Writing Workshop for the largest insurance companies in the country and it was a wild experience.

So that’s why we’ve decided to dedicate this week’s UX Writing Weekly newsletter to the UX writing of summer.

In this week’s newsletter, you’ll hear from UX writers in the travel industry, get some tips on creating your own case study, and learn about what’s new in AI and Traveling.


  • Rewriting The National Railroad Passenger Corporation

  • Making digital accessibility a priority at

  • Learn from low-cost airline companies about user shaming

  • How AI Is Changing The Travel Industry


🚆 Megan Legawiec's case study on Amtrak focuses on enhancing user experience through UX writing, showcasing how effective content can lead to a more satisfying and efficient experience.

⚱️ Co-founder and CEO Brian Chesky talks about design’s catalytic potential for business and the central role it played in Airbnb’s post-IPO growth story

UX Writing Hub’s very own alumna, Sarah Walls, has shared how traveling has taught her some of the most important lessons and life skills she thinks she'll ever learn.


In the latest Writers in Tech episode, I interviewed Jaime Walke, a principal UX writer at Jamie discusses his shift from tourism to tech, continuous learning at, and UX writing growth.


Join me (and 400+ registrants) on Thursday, August 17th for an amazing free Generative AI event. This talk is going to be packed with AI insights that every UXer is going to want to hear.

Attendees will learn how to use AI:

📝 For note-taking during meetings and user interviews

👥 For building personas

🔎 For UX research

🖼️ To create custom stock images

💻 To create custom icons for your interface


That's definitely the first time I'm seeing a low-cost airline company messing up for the user. First time for sure. That's the user's fault right there.

User blaming is real, man.

📚🌞 AI & UX

Thinking of Disneyland? You could soon be greeted by an AI, Let it GO singin’ Elsa. Explore how AI is set to revolutionize vacationing and the entire travel industry:


Booking is hiring a UX Writer, and they're not alone. We’ve just updated our UX Writing and Content Design job board with 20 more positions.


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