Spoiler: There are no perfect words

Issue #235 (May 24th, 2023)

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Spoiler: There Are No ‘Right Words’

It feels AMAZING when you do, but what happens when you can’t find those perfect words? First, don’t panic.

The Robots Aren’t Replacing You

Despite the panic, AI won’t take over UX jobs anytime soon (I hope 🥲). To become a superpower writer, though, you need to learn AI

UX Writers vs Designers

Bros, foes, or frenemies? Let’s explore these two positions' roles, ratios, salaries, and more.



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Jump From Product to UX

Ben Davies, a Senior Content Designer at Klarna and co-founder of Tech Outcast, shares his experience transitioning from product management to UX writing.

This episode also explores the potential uses and limitations of Chat GPT, as well as the importance of advocating for UX writing as a discipline within tech companies.

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With few words and a simple design, Ian conveys a lot about himself and his work. On the other hand, his project pages are thoroughly detailed and very visual.

Ian also seems genuinely interested in talking to you rather than displaying all his achievements, with his small but enticing “email me” button. It’s like he wants to sit down for a cup of coffee and have a chat. Take him up on the offer!


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Prompt: human and a robot or AI system interacting in some way, from wool

Save time writing without leaving Figma with UX Writing Assistant by Frontitude. Craft and refine your product copy in seconds with copy suggestions and best practices with this AI-powered tool. Save copy to reuse it and improve future suggestions easily.


Wait, another one? Meta jumps into the AI pool with its open-source program for building chatbots. But will this decision prove dangerous?


Education of the future? ChatGPT incited intense scrutiny last year, but its biggest impact was on education. More than a cheating tool, some educators are experimenting with AI to enhance lessons.


Yet another way to engage audiences and monetize – Ads for chat API.


Sorry if you’ve been waiting, but Google dropped its wait list for Bard & upped its features.


“You’d Have to Shove a Lot of Weed in That Thing.” Actor Seth Rogen doubts AI can write good TV.


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