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Issue #271 (July 09 2024)

We’ve got some exciting updates for you this week. From new tools to learning opportunities, there's something for everyone.

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We're thrilled to introduce our brand-new AI UX Writing Assignments Generator, designed to help you hone your skills and even build a junior's portfolio. This generator on our website offers a variety of challenges to suit your needs.

It has a small latency issue, but if you wait a bit, it will work.

Whether you’re looking to sharpen your onboarding flow, improve your error messages, or craft engaging pop-up experiences, our AI generator has you covered, and across multiple industries! Check it out and start practicing now!

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Latest AI News 📰

11:30 AM, BREAKING NEWS: Figma announces Figma AI—the crowd goes wild!

11:35 AM, UPDATE: Figma withdrawals feature due to a potential lawsuit over designs that looked like the Apple weather app.

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Case Study: UX Writing of Slacks “Catch up” Feature.

New Writers in Tech Episode with Chris Willis, CDO at Domo.

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