For the love of words and online dating 🍿♥️

Issue #265 (Feb 14th, 2024)

For the love of words and online dating 🍿

Find out how carefully crafted messaging can enhance user experiences, foster connections, and spark meaningful relationships in the world of online dating ♥️.

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We wrote you a poem…

Roses are red, violets are blue, but bad UX writing makes me want to say 'Adieu'!

Imagine swiping left on Valentine's Day because the app's confusing prompts left you dismayed.

Remember, folks, clear UX writing and content design save the day, ensuring your love life doesn't go astray.

Now check out these articles 👇🍿

Let’s Take a Vote

There seem to be as many different ways of getting users to sign up for dating sites as there are fish in the sea.

Which of these examples would earn your trust when it comes to picking a partner?

  1. Eharmony

  2. OkCupid

  3. Zoosk

Which company got it right?

Take a close look at the copy clippings above, then cast your vote for the copy that does the job best.

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Learn by Listening 👀

If you’ve ever had occasion to “Netflix and Chill,” you can probably thank Diego Graglia for helping you find what to watch 😉.

Listen in to this episode to learn more about the UX writing process at one of the world’s largest streaming platforms.

Microcopy 🤏

We loved this copy from Bumble. ”Make the first move” felt bold and empowering, while the body copy gave clear and direct instructions that the CTAs supported.👏👏

Featured Case Study 🔎

This case study by Sean McGowan takes an honest look at the UX of Bumble. It covers everything from features and usability to, of course…the words. Take a look. See if you agree.

Will AI Help Lonely Hearts Find Love?  🤖

AI is revolutionizing the dating app industry, reshaping how connections are made and matches are found. From personalized recommendations to advanced matching algorithms, AI is unlocking new possibilities for users seeking love in the digital age. As UX writers, we will want to understand these changes so that we can be the ones to guide and shape them in the healthiest ways for our users.

It's not an article, but it's worth a glance. Flirtual is a VR dating app. It's an interesting concept, and the writing in it is pretty good. 👇

Events 🎟️

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Book Recs 📚

Writing for a dating app? There are actually a few good books out there. Getting into our users’ shoes and really taking them for a spin is important. This is one read I would recommend.

Just Clownin Around  🤡

In our quest to bring you the freshest, most cutting-edge dating app content, we scoured all corners of the web.

We’re pleased to report that there’s truly someone out there for everyone ♥️.

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Here are a few opportunities we found related to the theme:

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