✍️ 3 Lessons in UX Writing Leadership

Issue #244 (Sep 13th, 2023)

Whether you’re already a UX leader looking to reignite your spark ✨ or a newbie looking to climb the leadership ladder🪜, this issue has something for everyone!


  • Tips for inspiring and leading your team 💪

  • Tips on leadership from Google insider Jenn Shreve 🪄

  • Why making mistakes with our team is awesome 🤸

  • How AI is changing leadership 🔮

  • An invite to join the UX Writing Academy open house 🏫

  • Senior UX job opportunities 🧑‍💻

Hot Tips for UX Writers 🔥

This week: This week we are highlighting some high-quality articles that will give any UX leader (or aspiring leader) an edge.

Read on for helpful hints on climbing the ladder to leadership, quality assurance, socializing UX within your org, and how to transform from traditional to creative leadership.

Writers in Tech Podcast 🎧

Listen in as Jenn Shreve, Content Design Lead at Google, shares some awesome insights about UX leadership. We cover everything from what it takes to make the transition into a lead role to how to succeed once you get there.

Upcoming Events🎟️

UX Writing Academy Open House🎙️ - September 14th, 2023

Are you wondering if the UX Writing Academy is right for you? Join us for this live open house event to get all the info you need to make an informed decision. Start your UX writing education journey as soon as this month!

Pillars of the Community 💪

Such an amazing share and hot 🔥 leadership tip from fellow content creator Eileen Webb.

Microcopy Bite 💬

UX leaders can help their team by providing guidance, direction, support, and of course by advocating on their behalf.

Duolingo is a stellar example of a well-led team. They successfully rebranded and have continued to win user loyalty with their witty copy year after year (even though we’re def not pro owl shaming).

Moment of Mirth 😂 

Show your value, show your value, show your value!

Truth be told, we know that a lot of PMs understand how valuable a UX writer can be. So let’s help them make the case to their higher-ups. Document your work, collect data, and show the positive change you can effect.

🤖 AI & UX

Have you given any thought to how AI will change leadership positions? We sure have!

With access to more data insights than ever and readily available tools for streamlining our work, the ways that leaders delegate tasks and make decisions will inevitably change.


Whether you’re looking for an entry-level position or a senior role we’ve got them all. We’re constantly updating the job board, so keep on checking!

Senior Roles Available Right Now 🏢

Portfolio 📔

Over the years we’ve had a lot of our UX Writing Academy graduates move into positions of leadership. Check out this amazing portfolio by Alyssa Wenger a senior content designer at SimplePractice. 👏

Yuval’s UX Lit Pick 📖

An oldie, but a goodie. Whether you’re a freelance worker or a corporate team leader (or anything in between) good communication is everything.

This book will help leaders learn how to better communicate and build stronger relationships with team members, stakeholders, and clients.


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Yuval Keshtcher and UXWH team ✍️