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Issue #234 (May 24th, 2023)

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  • Pay off your UX writing debt

  • Enable vs. turn on

  • Great innovations for digital inclusivity?

  • Robots playing soccer – badly


Finding & Fixing UX Writing Debt

A penny saved is a penny earned. That is until the cost of your decisions far outweighs the benefits of saving just a few pennies.

If you have confusing instructions, unclear error messages, or an inconsistent brand voice, the entire experience will be ruined. Do you have a UX writing debt? Find out.

Great UX writing creates a seamless, user-friendly product experience – and successful product-led growth. Here are tips to consider.

Developing data-driven tools can create so much good, but also harm. Explore how the collaboration of AI and human-centric practices can be applied to a design thinking approach.

UX research prioritization and planning is an ongoing experiment. Here are 5 steps that Fiverr’s UX team uses and you should, too. (Plus 2 pro tips!)


This handrail at Castel Sant’Elmo in Naples Italy describes the stunning views in braille.

Something that so many of us take for granted, redesigned to be more inclusive.

So simple.

So important.

Has anyone seen any great innovations in making our digital experiences more inclusive?


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It’s not too late! 

Join Carmel Scharf today (May 18) for the next UX Writing Hub event. Find out how to collaborate with non-UX writers to build bridges and grow each other’s trust for successful and harmonious relationships. Whether you're brand new or senior in your org, there's gonna be some nuggets here for everyone!

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Writers in Tech is BACK!

In a recent episode of Writers in Tech, Mohana Das, a lead UX Writer at Lazy Pay, shares:

  • the challenges she faces as the only UX writer at her company

  • her holistic approach to identifying UX writing debt

  • how to make a quick impact on that debt


Are you a bit stuck on how to start creating a UX portfolio or maybe yours needs a refresh?

Senior Content Designer Prithvi has created a template for designers and writers to utilize through Figma. He’s trying to create opensource materials and tools to share our wealth of knowledge.


I have something to share with you but please, don’t judge me.

An exciting Entry-level UX Writer role at in London, and a chance to shape user journeys as a Content Designer at Babbel in Berlin.

Don’t miss all of the new opportunities in our UX Writing Job board:


Prompt: agent smith from the matrix, teach his kids to write, illustration --ar 3:2 --q 2 --v 5.1

Free Midjourney class made by… ME!

Join it if you want to create phenomenal art with AI


Want to create and deploy customizable autonomous AI agents directly on the web? Well, there’s a tool for that. Here’s ChatGPT on steroids.


Do robots need to play soccer (or football, however you prefer to say it)? The AI team at Google’s DeepMind thought so, but these robots aren’t very skilled.


Yet another way to engage audiences and monetize – Ads for chat API.


Sorry if you’ve been waiting, but Google dropped its wait list for Bard & upped its features.


“You’d Have to Shove a Lot of Weed in That Thing.” Actor Seth Rogen doubts AI can write good TV.


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