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✍️ Kicking off Future Proof UX Content | Free online event series

Issue #252 (Nov 8th , 2023)

When COVID-19 began, we launched a series of free monthly online UX Writing events for free featuring UX writing experts.

It was a huge success and continued for 2.5 years straight.

Now, a few months following a 6-month break, we're excited to launch a new online series of complimentary events with our lineup of UX Content leaders.

Annnd guess what, all of the events are free for our lovely community 🥰


Expect engaging talks from Jon Yablonski, author of the "Laws of UX" book, Naomi Papoushado on creating a content design systems, Susan Reoch discussing the intersection of UX and marketing, and many many (MANY!) more brilliant minds and leadership from the UX Content space.


This issue deviates slightly from our usual format.

All content has been contributed by the lineup of speakers from our upcoming UX Content Event Series.

Enjoy and be sure to register for our upcoming events.

What the speakers have been doing 👀

Take a sneak peek at some of the work these awesome UX Content leaders have been up to.

Learn by Listening 🎧

Check out this episode of Writers in Tech with our November speaker, Andrew Astlefod.

Pillars of the Community 💪

The speakers we will be featuring ARE pillars of the UX writing community, so this week, we wanted to share some of their recent content that made us feel all warm and UXy inside 😉.

Thanks, Attia Taylor and Andrew Stein, for all of your outstanding and insightful contributions.

Microcopy Bite 💬

Naomi Papoushado, happens to be a UX Writer at the Gong.

Check this simple sign-up modal.

It’s clear and concise and gives the user a great reason to enter their email and book a demo. 👍

MomentS of Mirth 😂 

This week’s laughter is brought to you by Naiomi Papoushado and Michael Lawrence 😁.

🤖 AI & UX

AI is a hot topic right now, and our FutureProof speakers know that! Check out their hot take on some of the pros and cons of AI in the world of UX.

Upcoming Events 🎟️

FREE UX Writing Event - Nov 16th, 2023

Join us on November 16th for a FREE UX Writing event with Andrew Astleford. Learn about breaking into the field of content design and how to manage a successful career transition.


Whether you’re looking for an entry-level position or a senior role we’ve got them all. We’re constantly updating the job board, so keep on checking!

Future Proof UX Content Event Series 🎤

We invite you to check out our new event page.

Take a look at the session descriptions and sign up! Don't forget to bookmark the page, and we’ll be updating it often.

Yuval’s UX Lit Pick 📖

We will be featuring some of the amazing books and products our speakers have created in the coming weeks.

First up, is Laws of UX by Jon Yablonski.

Understanding the psychology behind our users’ behavior is probably one of the most important tools we can have, and this book sums those laws up beautifully.

HIGHLY recommend 👍



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Until next time👋,

Yuval Keshtcher and UXWH team ✍️