Designing Better Content the Ted Lasso Way 🐟

Issue #268 (March 13th, 2024)

Designing Better Content the Ted Lasso Way 🐟

We decided to lead with what is undoubtedly Ted’s best advice. “Be curious, not judgemental.” In your content audits, your user testing, and your research, make no assumptions and ask tons of questions.

Think that’s good advice? There’s plenty more to come 👇!


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Articles 📰

There’s so much we can learn from Ted Lasso, not just about becoming happier humans but about being better, more empathetic UX writers.
Check out this collection of articles for some amazing, Ted-like advice.

Learn by Watching 📺

We’ve all had that one boss—the leader who just knew how to lead. They somehow sensed when people needed pushing and when they needed a break. They listened empathetically and got the most out of the team.
Whether you’re a product leader (or hope to be) or a team member trying to suss out how healthy your team is, this talk is a great intro to the topic.

Community Spotlight 🔦

Big shout out to Nathan Mudalair for this thoughtful response! Keep an eye out; we’re going to continue working to find out what our community members want to learn about and creating content to address it.

Microcopy 🤏

This copy from Apple TV is interesting. It’s aimed at non-users because they aren’t signed in yet. Only the final option allows a paid user to sign in and then access the other content.
The top two CTA’s are designed to get new users to experience the content and potentially sign-up.
I would love to see some data about using the word “accept” here. 
Maybe trying to avoid the term “signup” as people associate that with paying, but then there’s a connotation to the word “accept.” 🤔

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Apple and AI 🍎🤝🤖

Apple is of course who we can thank for the inspiration that is Ted Lasso, so this week we’ve devoted this section to a deep dive into their AI efforts.

Featured Case Study 🔦

Apple not only brings us Ted Lasso but also Apple Music 🎶. This case study does a great job of offering a look at the different user experiences offered by these two giants. Check it out 🔎.

Book Recs 📚

This one we can't recommend from personal experience, yet, but it’s on the short list. 

Fictional or not, Ted is an amazing leader, and there are no doubt a ton of valuable lessons that content leaders can take from his approach.

We’re gonna check it out, and we would love to hear your thoughts on this one as well!

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